Seaboard Solutions is comprised of logistics professionals, some of whom have over 30 years of experience. Understanding your business needs is essential to the success of your supply chain.

Our industry experts and their respective specialized service quality teams can assist in optimizing your supply chain by strengthening business processes, implementing best practices, catering to your individual transportation, logistics and service needs.


Seaboard Solutions implements a planned approach to optimize the efficiency of freight and commercial transportation. We consider all factors when examining your business solutions including the size of your shipments, vehicle types, frequency of shipping, mode of transportation and facility sites.

With many factors beyond our control, such as fluctuations in fuel costs, we examine every detail to ensure our solution is in your best interest. Despite the many factors to consider, our number one priority is minimizing your transportation cost while maintaining timely and reliable service.

Seaboard Solutions is comprised of dedicated and experienced professionals, ready to manage all your freight forwarding needs. We are a full-service transportation and logistics company offering airfreight, truckload, LTL, expedited, intermodal, project management, and specialized services. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can create an individualized supply chain model, freeing you to focus on your business, customers and goals.

We are logistical experts whose team members and strategic personnel maintain open and frequent communication with key professionals and regulatory agencies. We make it our mission to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry so you don’t have to. Let us be your partner in creating solutions for your supply chain.

Our list of services includes:

  • Domestic LTL and FTL trucking throughout the United States
  • Cross docking, sorting, and trans-loading services both at origin and at destination
  • Short and long term storage
  • Projects for both multinational, and local importers
  • Bar code scanning and EDI services
  • HAZMAT/DG cargo handling and export packaging and labeling

Seaboard Solutions understands that your challenges require immediate, easy to implement solutions.  Our experienced team will keep your customers satisfied and your costs under control. We offer a variety of services including, but not limited to, the following;

  • Cross–docking
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD Distribution) support (temp-control and ambient)
  • Parcel delivery (temp-control and ambient)
  • Order selection (cases)
  • Pick-pack (pieces)
  • RF and bar-coding
  • Food-grade sanitation (ASI “Excellent Rating”)
  • Bonded facilities
  • Computerized inventory control and stock location
  • Online inventory tracking
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Transloading services
  • Equipment attachments (slip sheet, clamp, roll clamp, double fork)
  • QA sampling
  • Racked and non-racked environments
  • Import/export services

Seaboard Solutions’ consolidation and deconsolidation services move placement decisions closer to market and reduce your warehouse inventory. Our warehousing services help drive reductions in shipping costs or dilute those shipping costs to multiple origins and destinations by expediting or delaying in-transit shipments.

Our well-designed Miami warehouse facilities and supporting technology provide low cost and highly flexible operations. Seaboard Solutions can organize and separate products into outbound shipments that can be delivered by truck or rail.

Seaboard Solutions provides innovative approaches to global customs programs. Our methodology examines existing processes and identifies actionable areas of improvement. We observe the entire customs process, including compliance, as our goal is always a seamless movement for maximum cost savings.

Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals who understand and embrace the challenging terrain of trade regulations at any level. Our system was created to assist businesses of all sizes from a global scale to the local level. It is our goal to assist in adherence to regulatory compliance, accurate information and timely release.  We use a system of written standard operating procedures as well as security guidelines driven by C-TPAT and TSA certifications to deliver value to our client’s supply chains.

At Seaboard Solutions, it is our open and frequent communication with government agencies that have earned us the reputation and respect as a compliance-driven organization and a valued partner.

By utilizing Seaboard Solutions for your Customs needs, you can better manage your program and:

  • Meet the requirements of the ever-changing regulatory environment.
  • File your import, export and security declarations electronically.
  • Enhance existing Customs compliance programs, such as free trade zones, special regimes, border crossing and trade preferences.
  • Minimize risk and future potential costs of non-compliance.

For information on how we can help with your Customs and compliance needs, contact your local Seaboard Solutions representative at 305-863-4591.





We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

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